Why Choose Organic?

300,000 tonnes of clothing were binned in the UK in 2016! Shocking isn't it.

Clothing made in polluting factories by woman and children living in poverty are so cheap that there is a temptation to buy more than you really need. These clothes may not cost much to you they are literally costing the earth!

The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter after plastics, depleting water sources and using harsh chemicals. Switching to organic cotton is better for the environment, it uses less water and no harsh chemicals. If its GOTs certified you can also be assured that everyone in the supply chain (farmers, tailors, seamstresses) are paid a fair wage. Changing to organic cotton may cost a little more, but it will last far better and can be passed on. Also there is less temptation to buy more then you need. Pre-loved organic cotton it still super soft and far less likely to fade or tear.

My mission is to encourage you to buy less, but better clothes that are sustainably and ethically made. Love them, enjoy wearing them again and again and then pass them on.

Pollution from the Fashion Industry.


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